Unreal Estate



The Unreal Estate is a fictional agency offering services for tricking and concealing property from satellite and aerial surveillance. Its products are designed to appear realistic on satellite imagery and are based on advanced military technologies of camouflage and deception, made commercially available for private individuals. Its clients are people with strong incentives to hide or alter information about their geographic location and property, be that from government, police or anyone else who simply has access to Google Maps.



Today, satellite imagery of extremely high resolution is entering the

market, shifting the definition of individual privacy. Where you live and

what you own becomes transparent to police, banks, insurance companies,

detectives and paparazzi: from illegally built houses and swimming pools

to inappropriately wealthy residences of politicians. The Unreal Estate

agency offers you the means to embrace and adapt to surveillance. By faking

wealth or its absence on the ground, improve your digital reputation — make visibility work for you, not against you.



Video, Installation,

Publication 29.7x21 cm




Melkweg Award nominee 2016



DAE Graduation Show

Dutch Design Week 2016


Photo by Lisa Klappe © Design Academy Eindhoven


Commercial exhibition set-up

Commercial stand at the exhibition

Catalogue based on Google Earth imagery