The Dictionary of Now



The Dictionary of Now is a practical tool for online voyeurism. Functioning as an alternative search engine, it provides user with a live definition of a word, displaying all real-time surveillance video related to the requested subject.



In the era of ubiquitous post-production, spectators are attracted to seemingly unstaged, real-time imagery produced by machines. Surveillance footage is perceived as the most authentic medium; aesthetics of roughness guarantee the «truthfulness» of the image, and the real-time media becomes fetishized. With proliferation of unprotected CCTV cameras online, today viewer can get access to any imaginable place, from someone's private bedroom to International Space Station.



Website, Video installation, Publication 13.5x20 cm


The Dictionary can be used to monitor political conflicts and freeze a moment of time. By generating a printed version of the Dictionary, users contribute to the semiotic archive of what some words used to mean before certain events have forever transformed our impression.

 Language of the Image: Digital Voyeurism

A short essay, summarizing the research on the fetish of real-time media and proliferation of surveillance aesthetics.