—Anastasia Kubrak (RU, 1993) is a designer & researcher based in Rotterdam, NL. In her work she focuses on social, political and environmental implications of emerging technologies.


She works as a design researcher in R&D department at Het Nieuwe Instituut, and as a reseach tutor in MA Social Design department at Design Academy Eindhoven.


She holds MA in Visual Strategies from Sandberg Instituut (2016—2018) and BA from Man & Communication department at Design Academy Eindhoven (2012—2016, cum laude). Her work has been exhibited by Science Gallery Dublin (2019, upcoming),
The 4th Istanbul Design Biennial (2018), Seoul Mediacity Biennale (2018), 'Error. Would you like to continue?' Gdynia Design Days (2018), Chamount Biennale de Design Graphique (2017), #TV Clerici / Salone de Mobile Milano (2017), WORM (2017), VanAbbemuseum Eindhoven (2014), Onomatopee (2014) and Baltan Laboratories (2013). Her writing has been published by
The Institute of Network Cultures, The SITE Magazine, Nichons-nous dans l’Internet, and in Notes on Ghosts, Disputes and Killer Bodies — DAE #tvclerici reader.



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She graduated from Sandberg Instituut with a project

User-Agent: If everything is so smooth, why am I so sad?,
in which she investigates the political and affective implications
of being a human User within current technological infrastructures. You can read the full text of the publication here.


Sometimes she lectures and gives artist talks, such as this one at Hackers & Designers Summer Talks 2018. Amongst other things, she presented her speculative board game Reality Miners at Reloading Technology exhibition in TAC Eindhoven (2018), spoke at DAE Research Symposium (2017) and gave a workshop titled 'Kremlim, Uber and Blockchain: Walking Along the Geofence' in collaboration with Max Dovey at Making Public Domain Summer School in Antwerp (2017).


While website is being updated, you can revisit some of her older projects: A Guide to Satellite Surveillance (2016) and Unreal Estate (2016). You can also read Luxury & Paranoia, Access & Exclusion: On Capital and Public Space, written in collaboration with Sander Manse.




—Freelance Design & Research


She assisted Metahaven with Russian script and narration

for The Sprawl: Propaganda about Propaganda (2015)

and Eurasia (Questions on Happiness) (2018, upcoming).

As a graphic designer, she worked with Het Nieuwe Instituut, MoneyLab / The Institute of Network Cultures, Kirill Savchenkov and Louisa Zahareas, among other clients.


Portfolio available on request.