ASMR - The Most Relaxing Community



ASMR is a neologism that stands for an emerging YouTube subculture, a worldwide phenomenon of the «whispering community». Since 2008, thousands of people join the community to fight stress, insomnia, anxiety or loneliness by watching or making relaxing videos,  whispering and role playing to create an effect of close personal attention.


My fascination with this phenomenon is based on a conjunction of exaggerated closeness with anonymity of the user, that constructs a new controversial form of intimacy — so-called intimacy 2.0. A publication gives an overview on the conducted research through series of interviews with the participants and stars of the community.





Publication 21x29.7 cm,

YouTube channel



With ASMR, any scenario can turn into ultimate relaxation. Opposed to intimacy or personal attention, news have always been a neutral, impersonal and ultimately stressful media. In order to amplify ASMR philosophy, I created the first whispering and the most relaxing news channel: The Gentle News.